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Want to grow your kitchen garden? This is for you!

Fresh juicy vegetables pulled out from our garden are feast to our eyes and are impulsive to munch on. They are nutritious and pesticide free. Kitchen gardening is an excellent hobby for all ages. Gardening makes us look at nature in a new perspective and appreciate the nature. It helps us acknowledge the hardships encountered in cultivation. The fruits and vegetables nurtured in our kitchen will aid in shrinking our grocery bills. It improves the quality of air.

A few plants which have made our dishes tasty and healthy are cultivable in our own kitchen garden:


Coriander, also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley is an important ingredient in our traditional cooking. Coriander plant grows fast to a height of 1 to 3 feet with a spread of 9 inches.   Coriander seeds works as an excellent mouth fresher; curative for cold and itchiness in hands and legs. It is good for preventing eye diseases. Coriander is a good remedy for nervous system disorder. It can stimulate memory. The seeds as well as shoot are edible.

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Mentha is known as mint in the colloquial language. Mint will grow up to 120cm tall. It is a perennial and aromatic plant. The mint leaves can be harvested at any time. Mint is used for medicinal purposes. Powdered mint leaves can be used to whiten teeth. It is used as home remedy for acne, pimples, bronchitis, burns, colds, dandruff, digestive ailments, rashes and toothache.

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Fenugreek, also known as methi is one of the oldest medicinal plants known. The plant is an annual legume which raises up to two feet tall with a yellow flower. The leaves are soft, have three or four lobes. The fruit will be small brownish yellow seed in the shape of sickle. It bears thin pods about two inches long. Its odour which is quite strong, reminds one of curry powder which is a major ingredient.

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It’s a perennial plant, which grows up to 3 to 4 feet. Ginger plant stem will be in reddish colour, whitish flowers gathered in spikes. Ginger is used as a remedy for digestive issues, nausea, pain reduction, vomit, ulcer, liver diseases and inflammation. A strong ginger tea could cheer up any poor soul.

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Shallots are smaller than onion and has less layers and has lower water content. They grow well in raised beds at least 3 to 4 inches tall. Shallots are good home remedy for throat infection, headache, common cold, ear ache and helps to cool down the body. Shallots help to grow hair within one week in bald head.

While the kitchen garden produce are fresh, juicy, healthy and organic the activity of gardening is relaxing and stress relieving. The gardeners will relish the evolvement of bare ground to ripe produce. Let your creativeness be the pepper to the soup.

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