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The word Women is not just a group of letters. It stands for our society’s stereotypes associated with the female human being.

A woman is someone who wears a makeup, one who is supposed to serve food and take care of babies, one who does not have enough mind to acquire technical skills and much more.

“Not a woman’s job” is what the society tells, “sports are not meant for girls” “a woman can’t” are just some of the sentences women across the world hear every time they try and rise above stereotypes and achieve something new.

Submissive is what she is supposed to be!! These stereotypes get attached to women’s existence by birth and for the rest of life they carry the burden of it. But thankfully there are many women for whom sky is not the limit and who decided not to pay heed to such talks and moved on, breaking barriers and reaching new heights in their quest to fulfill their own personal dreams and ambitions.

From challenging patriarchal mindsets to fighting disability in pursuit of their passions, these 5 Indian women have broken glass ceilings and come out on top as only true fighters can!!

Mamatha Poojary: From a Village in Karnataka, to Becoming Kabaddi Queen

ST Mamatha women

Rajani Pandit: India’s First Woman Private Detective

ST Rajani women

Neetu Sarkar: From Child Bride to International Wrestler

ST Neetu women
Nirmala Devi: 60-Year-Old Sarpanch Who Made Her Panchayat Open Defecation Free

ST Nirmala women

Image Source: The Better India

Deepa Malik: Accomplished Paraplegic Biker, Swimmer and Athlete

ST Deepa women

Wanting to know some more extraordinary women? Know About Thimmakka Paati.

If you are reading this and are a woman, raise your collar and get ready to be featured for your accomplishments in our articles. 🙂

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