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Who would have imagined that one can fill the voidness of sterile curse by planting 8000 banyan babies over 80 years?

Who is she?

When said in more considerate terms, Thimmakka Paati is a 105 year old environmentalist who suffered from infertility and that instigated her to plant trees as a replacement of children.

She with her husband’s help had begun planting a mere amount of 10 saplings in the first year which had gradually increased to reach an enormous, inspiring number of 8000 tress over 80 years of time.

thimmakka paati - social talkies

Thimmakka Paati is considered as a  positive influence upon the citizens of India as her initiative has gained her a respectable place in the “One of the most influential, inspirational women of the world”, listed by British Broadcasting Corporation.

This environmentalist is currently involved in social activities like constructing a tank to store rain water and also has taken part in afforestation programs.

You cannot blame if someone calls her as “An honourable women with an honourable dream!”, for she has lived her entire life living a great dream of planting trees.

Over years her enthusiasm and integrity are still unbending. So even now she is holding onto a dream of building a hospital in remembrance of her husband.

We youngsters surely have something to regard and to learn from her, that is hard work and perseverance!

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