This Engineer From India Turns Desert Into Greenland

Sonam Wangchuk is an engineer by profession but an inspiration for many. He wanted to turn desert into Greenland.

From Jammu region of North India, he was already a famous problem solver. Even a Bollywood movie was based on his life story! It has been released few years back and have even grossed Billion rupees in its first 4days.

Ice stoopa was not a new idea but it was a renovated idea from the ancient people in 13th century.

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Ice stoopa means an artificial glacier across the mountains which freezes water during the winter season and stores it. Then, it passes through the running pipes below the frost line.

It is apt for the deserts at 10,000 feet receiveing an average of just 50mm of rainfall every year.

Ice stoopa brings up a drastic change in the lives of people in deserts who starve for water.

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