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#CaliphateConvertsHindus, one of the most used hashtag in social media and news channels recently, is a serious issue which has to be taken care of.

The Gaza street is a hub of a conversion factory in Kerala’s Kasaragod.

What’s behind?

The Caliphate is converting Hindus to Muslims to make them join the ISIS. It’s a planned trap in which many Hindu boys and girls are targetted and radicalized. Especially the Hindu girls are befriended by ISIS terror recruiters and they are converted to Islam and are sent to Syria. The girls were asked to join a wisdom academy and were taught Quran and Syrian language.

A young Hindu girl who had just survived from the ISIS trap recalls the nightmare. She opens up, saying that, a guy used to follow her, who has asked her if she knows Syrian language, and in no more than a week’s time, they happened to become close friends. As she also says that she was taught Quran, the Pardah system and all Muslim things, she had no attraction towards the Muslim religion.

A mother speaks on how she rescued her daughter from the caliphate before it was too late. She mentions about the wisdom academy classes, stating that they were initially good, which made her daughter happy about it. But the mother had found some changes in her daughter’s attitude and behaviour after joining the classes.(Source: Times Now)


Before joining the classes, she was very intelligent and very nice, says her mother. The girl started to talk too much over the phone. “She used to walk and talk, walk and talk, walk and talk, all the time” is what her parents said, who overheard her long conversation phone calls which made them understand that she was made to read the Quran, and she was supposed to go to Syria, and in order to go there, she had to learn Syrian language.

And the biggest shock to them was their daughter intending to learn the language and adopt the changes from Hinduism to Islam.

The conversion rate card has been accessed and found that the rate ranges from 2-7 lakh rupees. It is necessary to nip this in its bud, else it is going to cause us severe major problems.


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