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Engineering is a part of science and technology which is connected with buildings (civil engineer), machines (mechanical), energies (chemical), design etc..  There are different types of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics, software, computer and many others. However only civil and mechanical are considered as core engineering in the market. The demand for other types of engineering may increase or decrease but these two will constantly have more demand.

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A city can be constructed well only with the help of a good civil engineers. Now-a-days our population is increasing, to provide with accommodation  to the increasing population we need more number of civil engineers. Even for construction of monuments and for maintenance of old historical places we need civil engineers. So let us see the opportunities for civil engineers.


  • Consultancy service: civil engineers can start a consultancy service which will provide services/ideas about this field.
  • Design engineer: They  provide plans for different types of construction.
  • Contracting civil engineers: They can take both private contract and  government tenders for construction of buildings, roads, bridges etc..
  • Nuclear engineering: under this type, they can also design for construction of power plants .
  • Quantity surveyor: The role of a quantity surveyor is to minimize the cost in the process of construction. They have a sound background in construction and financial management.
  • Site engineer: They will perform supervisory role in construction field. They are responsible for entire construction.
  • Structure engineers: They will design the structure of the buildings according to the environment.
  • Government jobs: The following are some of the government department recruiting civil engineers:
    • National Highway Authority Of India
    • Indian Railways
    • HPCL recruitment
    • CMDA and other local municipalities.

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The requirement of civil engineer will be there until the existence of human race in this world as we need houses and buildings for our survival.

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