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Yoga is the way we escape the chaos of life, accrete emotional clarity ,and attain peace of mind. It bridges individual consciousness/soul with universal consciousness. That said, the influence of yoga all over the globe is to make the world a better place. Year after year it still gets going strong.

One of the recent accomplishment of yoga is YOGA WITH GOAT.

What is Goat yoga ? Is it a new Asana or pose ?

No , it is yoga with baby goats . Can you visualize it ? Does it not sound precarious ? What would Goat do to help with yoga ?? Or would goats do yoga ??

Throughout the yoga class the baby goats would nuzzle, pracing , sniff , kiss your face , lay next to the praticipants.


Where did it originate?

It started from Oregon , and Arizona ,now it is flooding over the Internet.

It’s main motive is to welcome emotionally traumatized children, teenagers , from abuse or bullying ,also youths who has trouble socialising by aiding them deal with stress, depression , anxiety ,other┬ámental illness. These cute muffins put a smile on even a cold-hearted persons face in a span of an hour.

Be cautious !! It could be you next !!!

Enjoy the International Yoga Day this June 21 with this wonderful yoga and spread the warmth to everyone!

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