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Work from home is a divine opportunity to many of us as it gives flexibility and comfort working from wherever you are. Social Talkies brings you a curated list of ideas to work from home as a series.

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The work is as simple, though it sounds complicated. All it takes is you just have to listen to those audio files and write what you hear. You just need a computer and keyboard to start.

Take tution.

If you are good at something never do it for free. Instead of standing in a classroom and teaching kids, teach through technology. (Skype.)

Online store

If you have always craved to open your own store but you have been put on to hold as you don’t like stepping out, then start selling you products online. You can sell products from any location and it doesn’t require a great deal of expense to start up.

Freelance writer

More than ever, writers are needed to formulate news articles, create content and come with new ideas which fill the pages of every site.

So, to earn money it doesn’t mean you have got to step out of the home, you can work from home and earn a lot of money. These works will have you earning cash in no time. So remember, you always have a backup when the thought of going to work on Monday morning comes to your head.

Enough thanking us 🙂 Kick start your career with these ideas!

Author : Sruti Sundar

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