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 Business as it is isn’t an easy ride. It has its own ups, downs, twists, turns, curls and its share of drops and drizzles. The bottom line is that business isn’t a cake walk. But like everything else, we have catalysts and facilitators to push through. Books are the major examples. They are not just virtual portals of escape but also guide to excellence. Here are five books that are a must read for great management skills.

  1. I Have A Dream” by Rashmi Bansal

This book by Rashmi is a must read for not only entrepreneurs and people in the business field but everyone. It is an inspiring book about 20 idealists who aren’t your conventional business men and women. They belong to a separate category called ‘social entrepreneurs’.

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The book has three major parts viz.,. Rainmakers, Change makers and The Spiritual Capitalist. The are great stories of inspiring individuals like Druv Lakra founder if Mirakle Couriers, Vinay Lokhami from Parivar Ashram etc.,. The story of Madhu Pandit Dasa an IIT student who tried to commit suicide and now is the founder of a grand mid day meal scheme Akshay Patra is also traced.

2. “Corporate Chanakya” by Radhakrishnan Pillai

A simple guide to success in the business field with a simple and easy to understand language. This book gives the essence of leadership development and soft skills. It is an easy guide to sharpen your management skills and learn basic efficient entrepreneurial skills.


3. Antar Prerna” by Parag Shah

Antar means inner and prerna means inspiration.

The title of the book itself is a dead give away to its contents. It is a business memoir by a successful entrepreneur Parag Shah. The book has a few famous acknowledgements from MSD too. It elucidates the journey of an entrepreneur throughout his life to achieve the success that he had dreamt. The book encompasses all the aspects of business and provides insight to overcome them.

4.The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall

 Author Jim Stovall recounts the life of Jason Stevens as he works hard to inherit a million dollar worth business with his own grit and determination.

The book includes how a late Red Stevens guides his family member to be worthy of a business. It is a book which offers life lessons and business skills to reach the top of the ladder. It teaches you patience, wit and the the trucks of the trade.

5. “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel

A very famous and most used guide to business is Peter Thiel’s Zero to One.


Peter is a venture capitalist who has put together this book based on his experience and a collection of online notes. The book not only covers the business but provides bonus works about politics and Government too. It is a must have book for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur and are on their way towards a start up.

My favourite Business Book of all time is EXPERIENCE

claims the author of this article Priyadharshini.

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